The importance of being yourself

Dec 9, 2018 11:39:37 PM / by Sara Ackrill

Carbon Free Dining - Be Yourself It's Important

'Be yourself' - the piece of advice I think we all dread.
I could have killed the first person who gave me this advice when I went into sales 11 years ago; it seemed so vague and unhelpful.
Carbon Free Dining - Be Yourself It's Important

Plus it's tough out there. Isn't being yourself opening yourself up to criticism? Well yes. It is actually. But you'll get that anyway and being yourself also helps you to remain supple and resourceful during tough times.

Being yourself helps you to conserve energy and helps you remain motivated and genuine. So actually being yourself has more pluses than minuses - in my opinion.

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Sara Ackrill

Written by Sara Ackrill