4 ways to tackle a writer's block

Mar 24, 2019 8:53:27 PM / by Eden Heath

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways To Tackle A Writer's Block


We’ve all been there - when you desperately want to write, but the words just won’t come. Suddenly, mundane tasks you’ve been putting off seem oh so appealing, and your monthly gym membership has never seen so much use.

Battling writer's block can be tricky, but there are a few sure-fire ways to get you back on track.


1. Take time to clear your mind
Ironically, one of the reasons you could be suffering from the dreaded ‘writer's block’ is that you, quite frankly, have way too many topics on your mind. Your boss has overly ambition demands, birthdays, weddings and a high maintenance family can all completely overload your brain, so you simply have too much going on, and it can take its toll on your mental health and stress levels.

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways To Tackle A Writer's BlockNo matter what profession you’re in, it’s essential to take time for yourself each day doing something that will relax and clear your mind giving you a fresh outlook. Switch off your social media, log out of family commitments and take at least half an hour to empty your thoughts and relax. Personally, I benefit from a daily yoga session in the morning. However, maybe you’d rather meditate, or read a few chapters of a good book? A clear mind will help you organise your thoughts and will welcome fresh ideas.


2. Embrace new experiences
Perhaps the reason your struggling to develop ideas is that you aren’t doing anything of real value each day. If you stick to the same daily routine how do you expect new ideas to find you? Book that city break, buy that expensive coat, walk the long way to work - start saying yes to life.


3. Find your passion
Are you genuinely passionate about what you’re creating? If the topic your covering doesn’t spark your interest and get your juices flowing then stop what you’re doing this instant and find your passion. It’s better to have a niche audience in a subject you have an endless passion for, over a topic that doesn’t interest you with a wide audience.


4. Preempt Writer's Blocks
Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways To Tackle A Writer's BlockYou can do this by harnessing your productivity. Utilise your productivity by making a mind map of every possible blog that fits your theme. You can save these as drafts and edit and add to them each time you’re inspired, this way you can post them whenever writer's block is at an all-time high.

Most importantly, remember that it’s completely natural to feel lost for words at times, especially as a writer. Just take it slow, free your mind and be happy.

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Eden Heath

Written by Eden Heath