5 challenges facing the hospitality industry

Jan 6, 2019 3:26:55 PM / by Richard Wilson

Carbon Free Dining - The 5 Challenges Of Hospitality

The hospitality industry is constantly facing new challenges. These are the five main challenges I think that the industry is facing today.


Carbon Free Dining - The 5 Challenges Of HospitalityThis is a touchy subject but allergies are increasing, and as a chef, it can be difficult to make sure you have checked everything correctly when some products say 'may contain traces' of a certain ingredient. Then throw in fad diets, for example when people say they are gluten-free, when in reality they are on a fad diet. This makes a mockery of people who have an actual allergy.



By this, I mean staff are having to do more with less training and less time. The skill level has gone down greatly because suppliers are doing more for you to keep the business.



The minimum wage keeps rising and so too does everyone else above. Unfortunately, there is only a certain amount of money in the pot. If the turnover does not increase, then you have to lose a body, so you are a man down


New Recruits

Carbon Free Dining - The 5 Challenges Of HospitalityA lot of younger people are coming into the industry who do not realise how hard it can be and do not want to put the effort in but still expect a large wage for the lack thereof. Some also seem to think that after 2 years they know it all and can run a successful kitchen. The beauty of this industry is that you can learn something new every day - a new technique or new ingredient. As chefs we are always learning and teaching, so we also need people to want to learn.

In conclusion, the biggest challenge of this industry is cost. We have to pay the government 20p of every pound we make, so out the rest everything else is paid. However, when you have to make meals cheaper to try and keep the customers coming, but at the same time maintaining a high standard with less staff, it gets tougher and tougher.

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Richard Wilson

Written by Richard Wilson