5 difficulties of restaurant management

Feb 28, 2019 10:20:54 PM / by Raphael Luersen

Carbon Free Dining - 5 Difficulties Of Restaurant Management

Here are the 5 most difficult aspects of managing a restaurant team.


1. Recruiting
Finding the right candidate that share the same ideas might take time, trials and errors and constancy are keys. You never know who are you going to bump into. Despite a great cv, the candidate still might not be the right fit. Personality speaks louder.

Carbon Free Dining - 5 Difficulties Of Restaurant Management

2. Consistency
Achievements are great; keeping those and making those part of your routine is a challenge. When you push for improvements, you continually improve what is already great, limiting the chances for it to go down and inconsistent.


3. Development
How far would you like to go? Is your team ready for more? Are we spreading our selves thin? Improvements will come when you have consistently achieved all the rest mentioned above. Which direction are you taking the business without forgetting your ethos and surroundings?


4. Training
Constantly & organically changing and adapting to each and every individual need of your staff is the challenge. Filling in the gaps and promoting independence is also key. Adults shouldn't be taken by their hands to be shown how and what they need to learn. Product knowledge is part of the job description, not a lack of good management. It is important to be able to spot those with difficulties in different areas and approach them singularly with tests and motivational service tronc and tips systems.


Carbon Free Dining - 5 Difficulties Of Restaurant Management5. Promotions
Is my deal good for me and others? Is it right for the staff? Are we proud of it or have we been hiding it? Where do we go from there? These are the main questions you should consider asking yourselves before unleashing that great deal. A deal has to be good for both customers and the business alike. Don't ever hide it, instead be proud and wear its t-shirt.


Overall, I personally think these are all extremely connected, all adding to the big puzzle that fits in a determined area with a specific purpose and goal. Every restaurant is the same, but also different.

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Raphael Luersen

Written by Raphael Luersen