5 tips for effective leadership

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Carbon Free Dining - 5 Tips For Effective Leadership

Being a leader has nothing to do with the image. Leadership is about the clarity of purpose and the commitment to your team and yourself.


Know your leadership style
Make sure you ground your leadership style in self-awareness and action rather than anything superficial. By knowing and owning who you are, you can become a great leader. It takes time to build trust with your team, but make sure to kick things off with your expectations and by being honest with them instead of pretending to know everything.


Carbon Free Dining - 5 Tips For Effective LeadershipBe a coach - not a boss
Think of yourself as a coach instead of a boss. A coach provides constant feedback, aligns the team around a goal, and motivates everyone to put in their best effort. Many managers underestimate the value of saying “thank you.” 79% of people who leave work do so because they don’t feel recognised for their efforts.


Ensure employees are happy
First-time managers need to understand that, despite a difference in titles and responsibilities, the ultimate goal is the same. Though your job tasks are different, both want many of the same things. What is one of the biggest rewards for an employee? Being happy and successful in their work. What is probably the biggest reward for a supervisor? Seeing an employee happy and successful in their work.

 Carbon Free Dining - 5 Tips For Effective Leadership

Know everyone is different
Remember that people are people, and even though they all have their little quirks and differences, the result is what matters. You have to understand everybody is different, and your job as a manager is to be able to cultivate ways for that person to succeed.


Treat everyone with respect
You're not always going to agree with them or the way they do things, but the end result is what matters. Treat people with respect, and provide the guidance and leadership they are looking for.


People are people regardless of a title they hold. Remember that!

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