How to improve your customer service [5 tips]

Feb 24, 2019 5:16:59 PM / by Clint Arries

Carbon Free Dining - How To Improve Your Customer Service 5 Tips


A question that gets a lot of different views from everyone in the industry is how to improve customer service - here's my take on it.


Stick to the basics
Whether its presentation, level of service or your theme it's essential that you always improve your standards. Now here's where it gets challenging - if you stick to the basics and send out or give a certain service or standard, uphold it and monitor it. This simply means train, educate and get everyone on the same page, if not you looking for trouble.


Carbon Free Dining - How To Improve Your Customer Service 5 TipsKeep all staff in the loop
My view is if you uplift your service and training add it to SOP and make them understand and sign off. In doing this, they have been trained and know what's expected. Call meetings, arrange meetings, mystery guests or property protection - keep them in the loop otherwise they will be smelling there way around and creating coping mechanisms to deal with the task at hand. Remember it rots from the top.


Give your food the best description
If your plating goes up a notch or you change menus, make sure you plate the meals, let everyone taste it and explain the fusion of tastes along with what wine, for example, would complement the meal. Two birds one stone. Describe your dishes, fit for a king or queen, not nice the weather is nice. The ribeye is to die for, not lovely my girlfriend is lovely.

 Carbon Free Dining - How To Improve Your Customer Service 5 Tips

Utilise your managers
Most importantly use your managers to there strongest attributes. Get info from them, use them but also defend them and have their backs. Talk to them in force, but at the same time be human about it, they are your first line of defence, value them.


Give your all to everyone
My personal view is when I'm plating for the queen of your average middle class was hard working class individuals, I give my all - you deserve the same treatment and product as the next human. I think they're just there we maintain a class that can't be compromised.

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