Are you a chef? You should be doing this!!

Feb 10, 2020 9:27:07 AM / by Peter Godwin

Carbon Free Dining - Are You A Chef You Should Be Doing This

At the start of your career, you want to listen, watch and write everything down, and take pictures or make drawings!

Carbon Free Dining - Are You A Chef You Should Be Doing ThisThe wealth of knowledge surrounding you in the kitchen is enormous, and not just from the senior chefs - the KP’s, junior chefs and even the front of house team can teach some great things and share years of combined experience with you!

Taste everything, learn flavours and textures and understand how they complement other foods and how they work together. Don’t rush your development or push for promotions too early; these come with time and experience. Focus on knowledge and skills and your development will happen naturally.

And most importantly, keep your knives clean and sharp! Spend some extra time every night sharpening and looking after them, they are your second most important tool after your brain.

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Peter Godwin

Written by Peter Godwin