Carbon Free Dining launches in Denmark with COFOCO

Oct 19, 2018 12:19:02 PM / by Bradley Hennessy


After dinner at our Carbon Free Dining partner, Rossopomodoro in Covent Garden, entrepreneur and joint owner of Cofoco Group in Denmark, August Lund, approached us to find out about the Carbon Free Dining story.

Six weeks later, Carbon Free Dining is so proud to announce that both Cofoco Restaurants and Cofoco Food Delivery in Denmark are our very first Carbon Free Dining partners in the country. August and everyone at Cofoco loves the environment. So much so, that Cofoco recently made a multi-million investment in solar energy.

They bought a 6-acre solar energy farm in Nees in the North Western part of Jutland, Denmark. The park is large enough to supply Cofoco with more than enough green energy for now and for future restaurant expansions. 
Carbon Free Dining is a perfect fit for Cofoco and the forward-thinking restaurant and food delivery company now empower their diners to counterbalance the Carbon Footprint and Food Waste of the meals they serve.

Cofoco’s trees will also provide sustainable farming businesses to communities that have suffered from poverty, aid reliance and deforestation for far too long. By planting trees and reversing soil degradation, farmers are able to farm fruit from the trees and other crops, some to eat, some to sell. 
These trees create a legacy of sustainability now and for generations to come and put an end to geography controlling destiny!

Carbon Free Dining launches in Denmark with COFOCO-1With Cofoco Foods classic and exclusive Christmas table, diners do not have to worry about shopping or standing in the kitchen for several hours preparing a Yuletide feast. At Cofoco Foods, they prepare everything and pack it so diners can easily put together a delicious Christmas Meal for their Christmas party.


Cofoco Food’s Christmas Table food delivery is now planting a fruit tree for each meal their customers order for their Christmas delivery to make it the first ‘Carbon Free Food Delivery’ service not only in Denmark, but we believe in the world!


Since 2004, Cofoco has shaped and renewed the way people dine out in Copenhagen. Cofoco conveys the cuisines of the world through their love for a good meal. Every one of their thirteen restaurants is a passionate interpretation of their own Nordic cuisine, with well-known Italian or French, as well as South American and Japanese cooking. Cofoco has a cuisine that will suit everyone. You just have to pick your favourite.
So thank you to August, Cofoco team and diners for joining our story and being able to say ‘I changed the world’.

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Bradley Hennessy

Written by Bradley Hennessy