November's new Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants

Nov 29, 2018 4:51:52 PM / by Bradley Hennessy


The advantages of becoming carbon free dining certified are so great that restaurants everywhere are looking to joining the story. All our partner restaurants share the same mission, to help end poverty and stop climate change. Let's take a look at the restaurants which are changing the world by empowering their diners to plant life-changing fruit trees in the developing world. Counterbalancing the environmental impact of their meals, helping put an end to poverty and global warming.


Carbon-Free-Dining-Novembers-new-Carbon-Free-Dining-Certified-restaurants-Pedros-Acle-Bridge-1Pedro's is a fantastic social experience with delicious food which you simply have to share with your friends! Based in Acle Bridge, Pedro's fully embraces the "sharing is caring" mindset, a meal at Pedro's really does bring people together. Although the food is that good, you might want to keep it all for yourself! The menu is described as tapas with a twist and whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner your looking for, Pedro's Acle Bridge has got you covered. 

Meejana Windsor

Carbon-Free-Dining-Novembers-new-Carbon-Free-Dining-Certified-restaurants-Meejana-WindsorMeejana Windsor is a brand new Lebanese restaurant which opened its doors to the public at the end of November 2018. Meejana is 100% onboard with the Carbon Free Dining story, in-fact Meejana London and Meejana Webridge are already Carbon Free Dining certified, having planted over 3200 life-changing fruit trees between them! Meejana has a simple food philosophy, use the best ingredients and prepare every dish fresh to order with an unparalleled attention to detail! Sounds great right?

Rossopomodoro Copenhagen

Carbon-Free-Dining-Novembers-new-Carbon-Free-Dining-Certified-restaurants-Rossopomodoro-copenhagenRossopomodoro UK have been a partner of Carbon Free Dining since early 2018, in that time they and their diners have planted close to 70,000 trees. Rosspomodoro's UK's CEO Daniele di Martino implemented Carbon Free Dining in all 9 UK locations, a testament to the companies sustainability credentials. We are delighted to announce that Rosspomodoro will be launching Carbon Free Dining Copenhagen branch. With the help of their diners Rossopomodoro hope to planted tens of thousands more trees in the next 12 months.


Hungry Oven

Carbon-Free-Dining-Novembers-new-Carbon-Free-Dining-Certified-restaurants-hungry-ovenLove Italian food, the great English south coast, and amazing service? If so, you must give Hungry Oven a visit. Their Italian food is irresistible, and it couldn't be easier to get your meal delivered to your table. Hungry Oven encourage you to use their mobile app, meaning your delicious food is just a swipe away! Now Hungry Oven are also giving their diners the opportunity to plant a fruit tree, helping end poverty and counterbalancing the environmental impact of their meal.


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Written by Bradley Hennessy