Career advice for any Chef [3 tips]

Jan 21, 2019 5:23:00 PM / by Bernd Mueller

Carbon Free Dining - Career Advice For Any Chef 3 Tips


Here are my top tips which have been essential in my career path so far:


Carbon Free Dining - Career Advice For Any Chef 3 TipsAlways be educating yourself 

Go with your instincts and listen somewhat to your parents, it worked for me. Get a great basic education and spend quality time with quality people who know more than you because it’s contagious. Leave your comfort zone before you graduate. Always stay exuberant, love what you do and share it with others. Develop a plan for continuous education.


Explore the unknown
Move to foreign countries, expose yourself to the unknown, learn languages and the most important of all, learn critical thinking - it will shield you from the inevitable dealing and adjusting to “radical changes“. Remember, the really successful people do not expect handouts, only a way out to become unique and exceptional.


Carbon Free Dining - Career Advice For Any Chef 3 TipsWork hard to succeed
And one final word of caution, there is no entitlement given, you must earn it. Last but not least have God on your side, and this will give you the serenity and strength you need to deal with adversity. Now is the time in your Life to engage in the joys, ride to conquer the unknown and stay strong, be determined to succeed and remember you are unique.


Bernd “El Jefe” Mueller

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