Come see us at the 2019 PX + Festival!

Aug 12, 2019 3:05:06 PM / by Bradley Hennessy

Carbon Free Dining at The 2019 PX Plus Festival!

Where do you go to hear for a fantastic hospitality festival, with 200 experts sharing their thoughts on a range of fascinating topics? Look no further than the 2019 PX + festival. Eat, drink, talk, dance, party, learn and celebrate with fellow hospitality professionals 17-19 August!
The weekend-long event is just around the corner, and this year's festival looks fantastic! Hospitality is a forever changing industry, and the PX + festival is all about embracing that change, challenging what is broken and looking at how we move forward.

It's no secret that the hospitality industry has a longstanding reputation for being competitive, but that isn't what PX + is all about. Rather than focusing on competition, the festival is all about community feel with supportive meaning conversation high on the agenda.

Carbon Free Dining Tree Planting ProjectCarbon Free Dining is partnering with this years PX+ festival, for every ticket sold a life-changing fruit tree will be planted in the developing world, providing income, education and food to some of the planets poorest communities. Furthermore, each tree planted absolutes approximately 25KG of CO2 per year for around 40 years, helping end poverty and global warming.

Here at Carbon Free Dining, we know a thing or two about sustainability, and that's why our Director of Global Partnerships Richard Dickson will be giving a number of talks throughout the weekend. Sustainability doesn't need to cost the earth; in fact, it doesn't need to cost you a penny!

Carbon Free Dining is the United Nations Environment backed restaurant initiative, which is continuing to take the hospitality industry by storm. Operated by The Green Earth Appeal, Carbon Free Dining gives restaurants and their diners the opportunity to plant life-changing fruit trees in the developing world. Offsetting the carbon impact and food waste of all the meals on the bill, helping end climate change and poverty.

To find out how your diners can be empowered, leaving your restaurant with a feel-good factor which can't be matched elsewhere, be sure to book a ticket to this years PX+ festival and hear how your restaurant can benefit from being Carbon Free Dining Certified.

Book your FREE ticket to "Sustainability does not have to cost the Earth".

If you cant, attend this years event, but you want to learn more about the award-wining restaurant initiative, request more information here.

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Bradley Hennessy

Written by Bradley Hennessy