Creating your own dishes [3 tips]

Jan 10, 2019 5:03:15 PM / by Hylton Espey

Carbon Free Dining - Creating Your Own Dishes 3 Tips

As a chef, one of the hardest parts of your career is coming up with ideas for creative, amazing dishes that your customers remember.

Write everything down
Buy a notebook and write everything down - ideas, prep, specials, anything for the day-to-day. This forms a great base of knowledge and allows you to look back at your career history.

Always credit other chefs.Carbon Free Dining - Creating Your Own Dishes 3 Tips
When I first started cooking, my sous chef Brad Ball gave me two pieces of advice. Firstly, steal with your eyes and make a dish your own. If you are using someone else's ideas, put their name next to it or come up with your own recipes.

Love the dishes you create
Secondly, Ball also told me when you start coming up with your own ideas, keep them close to your heart till your name is above the door.

These lessons have been invaluable in my career and my creative process, even to this day.

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Hylton Espey

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