Does writer's blocks really exist?

Apr 23, 2019 9:14:16 PM / by Silviya Dimitrova

Carbon Free Dining - Do Writer's Blocks Really Exist

I can certainly speak only from the point of an observer, rather than a person who has experienced a "writer's block". I personally think that there isn't such a thing as writers block.

This sentence is just a term describing any writers desire or need of "me" or "down" time - they need to hear their own voice loud and clear. Yet, how many have perceived it as a writer's block, how many have chosen this angle to look at it from? Or, is there anyone who actually has. We can't be sure.

I've not come across this point of view on my own. Writers are real people, and they are human too - they need time away from the laptop, pen and paper or the phone screen like any other creative soul. We writers need to unwind and recharge in order to fully express that which has inspired us within.

Carbon Free Dining - Do Writer's Blocks Really ExistMy desire is to be surrounded by positive and light energy flow. Thus, I willingly choose to distance my self from everyone and all that carries even the most minute negative wisp or note.

Everything and everyone inspires me in one way or another because the essence of writing is the inspiration. I do not write on demand - I write when thoughts begin to flow. And they do flow every day, yet I don't feel like letting them out when someone else wants me to, only when I feel that making them evident has a purpose.

I believe any creative hits a road barrier mostly when someone demands them to write particular material in a set time frame, or when the subject is not at all resonant, nor heartfelt and the work is done purely to bring financial abundance.

I think we writers willingly open doors to writer's blocks, and we voluntarily close them too. It all happens on a subconscious, deeper level; hence why many can't find the answer. When you are true to yourself, thoughts flow without force; yet when we are not, we lack inner balance - it is that simple.

Carbon Free Dining - Do Writer's Blocks Really ExistIf it comes from the heart it pours, if it doesn't the essence is lost and the mind locks to preserve whatever it is left. A writer's block is the soul's desire not to let go of what's inside them; that's how I see it. Once you begin dealing with that inner burden, thoughts pour out - they can no longer stay locked. They've been chewed and mashed throughout this person's life, and now it's time for them to be out in the open because they are no longer hard and lumpy.

The thoughts have been acknowledged and accepted, and they are a part of the writer's soul, now pure, refined and free - just like our spirit is.

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Silviya Dimitrova

Written by Silviya Dimitrova