Here's 8 things you MUST know before writing an article!

Jan 31, 2020 10:34:37 AM / by Vivek

Carbon Free Dining - Heres 8 Things You Must Know Before Writing An Article

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, etc.) has overtaken the "sword and the pen" in terms of information dissemination. It is as useful and conversely as dangerous as the sword and the pen.

What makes social media so powerful is it's speed. There are literally no time constraints in terms of writing an article, and it's publishing. This can make or break a career, a business and a life.

Carbon Free Dining - Heres 8 Things You Must Know Before Writing An Article With this kind of power, there needs to be wisdom. We all love to share our pictures, thoughts and everyday life. Great care must be taken with content. Ask yourself who wants to know what you had for dinner, what your hobbies are, your pets, your holidays, your dress sense UNLESS it is directly related to what you are known for. Avoid posting irrelevant and pointless posts! Also, be very mindful about 'showing off'. Don't post about expensive items you have, don't post personal details of family/friends and possessions (unless you have their consent) and holidays when you are on holiday (insurance company get out clause).


My top tips for writing articles would be:
1. Always do your research and due diligence
2. Be honest and have integrity
3. Never, ever post in anger or extreme emotion
4. Be original and don't copy others work (if you do, please acknowledge)
Carbon Free Dining - Heres 8 Things You Must Know Before Writing An Article 5. Get a second person to check your work, if possible
6. Never stop learning and take on board others comments and don't get too emotional about comments
7. Learn to disengage, i.e. don't spend all your waking life on social media, really get out and 'smell the coffee'
8. Have fun and enjoy what you do. Share your joys and experiences and never hurt people.


This social media space is open and public and lasts forever, so what you post today will be available for time immemorial. People and businesses can be bigged up or knocked down at the posting of content. Be selective, sensible, sensitive, kind and social media can be your best friend, or else it could become your worst nightmare.

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Written by Vivek