How to become a successful recruiter [4 tips]

Apr 23, 2019 9:39:40 PM / by Charlotte Humphrey

Carbon Free Dining - How To Become A Successful Recruiter 4 Tips

Unfortunately, recruitment has a bad name. At careers fairs, you are likely to see a small stand with someone handing out a flyer promising the worlds biggest commission in 6 weeks. Obviously, this turns out not to be true and once again, another rising superstar has been left with a bitter taste in their mouth for the recruitment industry.


Carbon Free Dining - How To Become A Successful Recruiter 4 TipsTake your time

The best advice I could give is to take your time! This is a marathon, not a sprint and like any successful venture in life, you need to understand your market and the candidates you are representing.


Speak to lots of people

Speak to as many people as possible, whether hiring managers or candidates everyone is a valuable source of information and ultimately will make you a go-to recruiter within your chosen category.


Build relationships

Choose to build relationships over making a quick fee, the longer you do this, the more likely businesses are to come back to you in the future as you have demonstrated your credibility and added real value to them.


Carbon Free Dining - How To Become A Successful Recruiter 4 TipsUse your time wisely

I'm not going to sit here and tell people to work every hour on the earth, work/life balance is more critical now than ever, but you must use your time wisely and be extremely efficient. A full 360 role requires all plates spinning in the air at any given time, but you know what? One of those plates will fall and break, and that is how you learn!

Smash all the plates, get your number blocked and miss out on some opportunities and I promise it will make you a better recruiter in the long run!

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Charlotte Humphrey

Written by Charlotte Humphrey