Hospitality is a diverse industry - how to make the most of it

May 24, 2019 5:28:59 PM / by Suzanne Tiega

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Is A Diverse Industry How To Make The Most Of It

What is Tourism & Hospitality? What jobs can I pursue? Before going to University to study Hospitality & Tourism, I couldn't answer these questions.

Once at University, I discovered the diversity of the "happiness industry" as I call it, and was even more lost and overwhelmed. Going to interviews, I couldn't fully articulate why I chose this path more than any another. But looking back, I believe the beauty of hospitality is precisely that: its' diversity - it's a multiform industry.

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Is A Diverse Industry How To Make The Most Of ItOpportunities are countless: restaurants, bars, hotels, private clubs, stadiums, venues, concert venues, event production, catering, food trucks, supply chains, sales etc. The list goes on. I believe this is an industry where no matter what you're passionate about, you can find your path and excel in it.

For example, I've talked with a teenager interested in chemistry/science and food but couldn't figure out how to combine both. Not everyone is meant to be a chef! We need scientists working with our suppliers to figure out how to preserve the freshness of our food during transport and delivery. And nowadays with customers focusing more and more on sustainable and ethical consumption, we need more than ever innovators in Food science.

To my younger self, I would advise getting as many different experiences as possible. Use Easter breaks, summer or Christmas holidays to work in various jobs. It is the best way to learn and experience the richness of our industry. Try it all! Kitchen porter, waiter, a seller at a gift shop - all these experiences will help you refine your career choices.

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Is A Diverse Industry How To Make The Most Of ItIt is perfectly fine not to know what to do at 20 years old. There is no need to pressure yourself to figure out yet your career. If you don't know what you want, figure out what you don't want!

Having contrasting experiences within hospitality is the best way to learn first-hand how multiform and full of opportunities the industry is. Even if your resume doesn't seem to have any coherence, do not panic! Explain to your future employers that you are using your position in their company to gain a better understanding of the market.

The "happiness industry" is undoubtedly the most diverse industry and with the less barrier to entry as you can work your way up through hard work and dedication.

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Suzanne Tiega

Written by Suzanne Tiega