How to make your dishes great

Apr 10, 2019 1:40:08 PM / by David Carnegie

Carbon Free Dining - How To Make Your Dishes Great

You need to make your dishes as good as they can be - especially around special occasions such as Mother's Day.

With it being around Mother's Day time, my advice would be to treat your ingredient's like you would treat your mother - with great respect. Treat them with love and cherish the fact that we have such a great range of fresh produce available to us in this bountiful land that we live and work in. 

Carbon Free Dining - How To Make Your Dishes GreatHonour the produce by cooking it to the best of your ability. Taste everything you can, season your food thoroughly and remember you can always add extra - but you can't take it out!

Use food that is as local as you can - support your local supplier's, and your local's will support you. Most of all, have fun doing what you love and This will show on the plate. Happy cooking!

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David Carnegie

Written by David Carnegie