How to reduce staff turnover [4 tips]

Jan 6, 2019 3:19:08 PM / by Guest Writer

 Carbon Free Dining - How To Reduce Staff Turnover 4 Tips

Staff turnover can be a pain in any business. Here are my ways to reduce staff turnover and how to ensure your employees are happy.


Listen to your staff

For me, staff turnover is about a lack of respect and a lack of listening. Staff might seem like their moaning but there is no smoke without fire, and if there is a morale problem, it's hard work turning up every day to feel ground down.

Be a nice employer

Carbon Free Dining - How To Reduce Staff Turnover 4 TipsRetention is not necessarily about money. I think some employers make the assumption that the more they listen to staff, the more money they'll be asked for. It's not true. Just as employers want staff who are nice to be around day in day out, staff look for nice employers and a pleasant working environment.


Make sure staff know their role

I think staff having a good understanding of what their remit is, so they know when they're fulfilling or exceeding expectations is also important.


Appreciate all your staff

Lastly, love your steady Eddies! It's not all about recognising the people who shine most obviously. It's about noticing the person who is there, consistently working, day in and day out. The world doesn't just turn on bright ideas; we need the people who execute them.

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