Passion is what drives the hospitality industry

Nov 22, 2018 12:10:11 PM / by Mario Sangeleer

Carbon Free Dining Hospitality Thought Leader - Passion Is What Drives The Hospitality Industry
"I want to be rich and famous!" Worse words were never spoken in our industry. Passion is what drives us, this is the shared sentiment, amongst Culinarians. How many eggs will you prepare to be rich, how many vegetables will you brunoise to be famous? The answer is unknown, but I can tell you, done right your guest and yes, your ego can be satisfied. Set attainable future goals: roof overhead, belly full, satisfied customers that come back, showing up to all your shifts.

These will get you to a place where you understand our passion. It only comes with sacrifice and a willingness to put aside your own narcissistic nature to truly,"Turn and burn". Learn your basics, keep your station and your mis en place in order. Sacrifice your time to get the job done. Surround yourself with people that are just as passionate. Then if it is in the cards, wealth will come. If fame, on the other hand, is your goal, you might just want to follow the example of reality stars and sell yourself to the highest bidder.

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Mario Sangeleer

Written by Mario Sangeleer