Passion is at the heart of all success

Feb 17, 2020 10:15:45 AM / by Bobby Zachary

Carbon Free Dining - Passion Is At The Heart Of Any Success

I would like to talk about passion. This is simple but so important in our life for living.

Carbon Free Dining - Passion Is At The Heart Of Any SuccessWe must reconsider and help our team to find their passions to build a solid team. We believe that everyone has different skills, passion, strength and weakness. As a team we should cover and complete each other weakness for the best result and value. 


Talking about passion it is so interesting. Why? Because when someone is doing a job or any given responsibility, with or without the passion then the result will be not the same. For example - if someone is preparing the food but actually the cooking is not his/her passion then the result (taste, feel, presentation) will not be as good as someone who has the passion. Right?

Carbon Free Dining - Passion Is At The Heart Of Any Success

Why the passion is so important? Passion is the core of the result itself before the result appears. Some people haven't found their passion yet but when they find the right person as their mentor and right place to work, then suddenly passion will appear. We're lucky when we have found our passion in our workplace, our job, and our career.


My point is do what we love with passion, if you still do not get it then go find it. Be yourself, what God has created you with your own passion and potential. Till you find your limit to be the best you can become. Love what you do and do what you love.

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Bobby Zachary

Written by Bobby Zachary