The 2 most important decisions you will make when starting out in recruitment

Mar 3, 2019 4:06:13 PM / by Phil Street

Carbon Free Dining - The 2 Most Important Decisions You Will Make When Starting Out In Recruitment


Recruiting into the hospitality industry is possibly one of the most rewarding careers anyone can have. The reason being is that you get to affect the direction of people's careers, but also you get to problem solve for some of the most amazing and innovative people in the industry.

When you are starting out, there are two main things you can influence - the company you join and your attitude towards the work. Ironically, the attitude you have will influence the company you join and vice versa.


Carbon Free Dining - The 2 Most Important Decisions You Will Make When Starting Out In RecruitmentJoining the right company
Firstly, you have to make sure you are joining the right recruitment company for you as if you get this wrong; you may get sent down the wrong path and then may fall out of love with the industry. You need to align with a company who will invest in you in terms of giving you the benefit of training and time and the opportunity to make mistakes as well as learn your craft. Without this freedom, you'll find it difficult to make progress.

Equally, and this is only my own personal value towards recruitment, don't join a company that is 100% fixated on the fee's you earn. If you are in it for this reason, I'd suggest you go and work in sales in a different sector. Think about it, you are having a direct impact on someone's life, so if your reason for sending a candidate somewhere is to satisfy a sales target, then you are doing recruitment for the wrong reasons.


Have the right attitude
The 2nd point, your attitude. You are 100% in control of this. When starting out, it is imperative you are willing to push yourself and be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. You've got be comfortable speaking to people of all levels with dignity and respect. If you do this, then you'll naturally build relationships over time.
Carbon Free Dining - The 2 Most Important Decisions You Will Make When Starting Out In Recruitment
Also on that front, always be willing to have a coffee with someone. Despite all the tech that exists in recruitment now, relationships still rule and that's not changing anytime soon. You should also go out of your way to understand the space you operate in. If you are specialising in 5-star hotels, go and learn where all the five-star hotels are and what separates them from each other. This is the same in any sector.

Everything I've said here is built upon a foundation of respect. Respect your company (Assuming you get that right), respect your colleagues, respect your candidates and clients and respect the individuality of the process. If you do all this, you'll never be a million miles away from hitting the mark.


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