Sustainability in restaurants is key

Jan 3, 2019 2:59:24 PM / by Mario Sangeleer

Carbon Free Dining - Sustainability In Restaurants Is Key

Sustainability is a buzzword bandied around modern culinarian times. Do you actually know what it means?

Carbon Free Dining - Sustainability In Restaurants Is KeyQuick definition: to maintain or improve the continued viability of products and services utilised in an industry (think about it the next time you order anything with a one-time use). Recently, on a trip to southeast Asia, I was surprised by a clerk asking me if I wanted to purchase a reusable metal straw kit. I did not buy it from the young lady, but I found one on Lazada (an online site similar to Amazon) for a bit less with free shipping.


Carbon Free Dining - Sustainability In Restaurants Is KeyJust by that purchase, I raised my self-sustainability. Let us diverge and talk food in restaurants. Fish is lovely - it's the most eaten protein on the planet. However, some types of fish are over-caught and it is our fault. We find killing white rhinos reprehensible, but depopulation of swordfish and sharks is accepted. The bottom line dictates that.


Over the last couple of decades, some of us have fought to get organic and farm to table products as part of our menu ingredients. Slow food and a return to local, natural resources can help towards sustainability. But it is not enough - educate your customers, let them know you are trying to think about the next generations with your menu. You may lose a few for the short term, but it will improve business long term. If we change how we purchase we might get some of the smaller industries in food back to the table with us.


The Status quo is the first bastion of the closed minded. Open yourself up to the future and start thinking generationally, not just generally.

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Written by Mario Sangeleer