The career of a hospitality supplier: 3 experts share their advice

Feb 8, 2019 10:15:16 AM / by Bradley Hennessy

The Career of a Hospitality Supplier Carbon Free Dining

Hospitality suppliers are critically important, they are an integral part of every business, from the food you eat to the napkins you wipe your mouth with. Suppliers across the globe have a very important role in the product lifecycle. A supplier to the hospitality industry has to be very flexible, demand can drop and spike keeping you constantly on your toes.

Vitally, suppliers have to be excellent at managing relationships, managing expectations of raw material suppliers, logistics, clients and many more are key to success in a demanding role.

We asked suppliers to the hospitality industry in a range of roles what piece of advice would you give to a supplier just starting their career:

Zoe Cole, Managing Director at Crisp White Sheets Limited

Catering Suppliers UKMy advice would be to work very hard on building relationships and get referrals. Hoteliers like to know that their money is going to be well spent and also that they can trust you are going to deliver. If someone is happy to give you a good review or tell other people in the industry, it is a huge help. Don't oversell and be honest and approachable. It can sometimes feel like a long time before you get major traction, however, keep going. It is a great industry to work in and worth the hard work.


Nicholas Higgins, Operations Manager, Heineken

Invest time in understanding your customers' business, if you take the time to get to know what they do, how they do and why they do it you will be better placed to provide them with the goods/services they need and when they need it. I rely on my past work experiences in hotels/bars/restaurants daily now that I work for a large brewer. I can understand the impact that my actions as a supplier can have on a customers business. This working knowledge allows me to make informed decisions and truly understand the impact of what I say and do. It also really helps when I can share this with my customers and let them know that I have been in their shoes.


Zara de Haldevang, Project Manager, Peppermint Events

Be kind. It is the people you meet that you will help you get to where you are. Be thorough. It is the companies you work with that will help you get to where you will be. Be respectful. Your customers are your network. They are the people that will keep you in your game. Be individual. They want you for YOU. Make sure you are always the best version of yourself, what you offer and what you can continue to offer.

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