The challenges of being a writer

Mar 31, 2019 8:56:45 PM / by Silviya Dimitrova

Carbon Free Dining - The Challenges Of Being A Writer


All of us humans, at one point of life or another, have faced challenges and hit obstructions, for we have chosen those particular ones that will help us grow on a spiritual and soul level. Because overcoming them is the force that moves us forward and makes us ever stronger, more resilient and fearless.

Yet somehow I sense that not everyone will find my above statement resonant. However, I sure know that most will agree that our biggest impediment, is our most significant catalyst for inner and outer growth. It is an observation of mine that creative spirits all appear to have similar setbacks. 

As a writer, I personally find these issues to be the most challenging of all:


Lack of confidence
Carbon Free Dining - The Challenges Of Being A WriterLack of self-worth and confidence can and will become our roadblock if we choose to give in to its fake powers - this is the most dangerous of all existing limitations. It really doesn't matter how experienced you are, how much you have already published and how long you have been writing for - when you lack self-belief, this is what projects outwards. Subsequently, you will be regarded as precarious. How will this gain respect? It won't. It will only rob you of it, as it will from all the abundance you deserve.


The inability to get traction
This appears perilous until no longer is. Most creative people moan and groan about not gaining traction, yet ask them of their efforts and they are zero. The truth is that gaining traction is pretty simple and straightforward. However, retaining it is not - no one will sell us or get our ideas across to people, only we can.

We must strive to stretch and work out of our comfort zone constantly because by doing so, we will be one step ahead of our insecurities at all times. We must network with people that are more successful than us - we must practically invade their space. For by interacting on this more popular and already established platforms, our best ideas will reach the right eyes and ears in no time at all.


Getting real clients
This particular challenge is one that most writers stumble upon. Many feel that they have the skills, yet are not able to get clients. I want to point out something very important here - all writers want to get clients, yet they don't just want any client. What they really want is an actual client who is willing to pay adequately for their hard work.

Carbon Free Dining - The Challenges Of Being A WriterFor those of you who are reading this and finding it resonant, I'll say that there are few ways of getting clients, who will respect you and offer rewards relevant to your efforts. Based on my own observation, experience and research, one way to overcome this barrier is to focus on providing content that is not only different from that of others but to provide content that is rare and unique. It has to be distinct, so much so that almost no one else could give it (at least not with your ways and means and not with your well-defined touch).

Another way is to find larger groups of people or organisations which are in need of someone like you. List as many as you can and make sure they share your interests and ideals. It goes without saying that you'll need to contact them personally and present yourself and your work in the best and highest light possible.

You need to offer clear and achievable results, not efforts. Consider suggesting a free trial or an acceptable one-off discount, but remember that you will need to make a promise and stick to it.

Try to price your services almost twice as high as what you target pay is because if you're convinced in your abilities, clients will reward you accordingly and pay you the fee you've requested. Have in mind that clients can try to negotiate, thus by having higher fees in place, you will never be underpaid.


carbon-free-dining-hospitality-influencer-the-challenges-of-being-a-writer-3Remember that in order to be productive, we need to balance work, rest, exercise, healthy eating and sleeping patterns. Another essential aspect is giving yourself emotional encouragement - this is as vital for your mind as food is for your body, beating self up will only make matters worse. We are only whole when the body, mind and soul are in balance. Each and every one of us has our own unique rhythm and inner capacity - find the speed in which you'll remain composed.


Writers' block
All creative people get this - the simplest and best way to overcome it is just to accept it and take a break from writing. Rest, walk in nature, exercise, make sure you sleep enough and balance your life-rest-work. Read more, meet your friends, help someone in need, do something fun that will put a smile on another person's face - you won't believe how positively that will reflect your own life.

Get inspired, stay true to your self and your values, do what needs doing and just don't give up.

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Silviya Dimitrova

Written by Silviya Dimitrova