Want to become a chef? 3 experts share their advice

Feb 7, 2019 3:07:00 PM / by Bradley Hennessy

How to become a chef 

If you’re passionate about food, there are possibly fewer more rewarding careers than a chef. Cooking is an essential life skill, however, have you ever thought about taking that skill to the next level? Chefs are in demand, In a recent study, 61% of recruitment agencies operating in the hospitality sector, states that they don’t have enough chefs to meet demand.

Advice-for-a-new-chef-carbon-free-diningSo, you might be tempted… But where could you be working? You’re spoilt for choice, chefs work in a variety of different settings such as restaurants, hotels, military and if you fancy a life at sea cruise ships are always looking for chefs.

There are many different types of roles you can undertake as a chef, some are very specialised. You may have dreams of becoming an chef, but have you ever considered one of these specialised roles?

Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine)

An executive chef is the boss of the kitchen, they are in charge of other cooks and oversee the smooth running of the kitchen. To become an executive chef you need experience, it takes extensive training and significant culinary knowledge. As an executive chef, you will perform tasks such as setting the menu and designing the look of the dishes, however, you will also be involved in the administration side of running a kitchen. Yes, that means paperwork!

Sous Chef

The word sous is the French word for under, In the chain of command, a sous chef is second only to the executive chef. The Sous Chef will have a fantastic understanding of every role within the kitchen. Sous chef may not have complete authority over the kitchen however they lead by example from preparing food to keeping the kitchen clean.


Pastry Chef (Patissier)

As a pastry chef, you specialise in… well, pastry!  You would be responsible for producing cakes, pies, bread and much more. This position requires creativity and passion for developing pastry creations. From coming up with new ideas to preparing and decorating, a pastry chef is a specialist position which requires careful attention to detail.

What do the experts say?

Interested in becoming a chef? We approached 3 chefs and asked them what piece of advice would you give to a chef just starting their career? Here are their thoughts…


Joan Sanyaolu

How do i become a chefDefinitely You must have the Drive! Passion!  Make sure you learn the entire business of the restaurants too and not just what goes on behind the kitchen doors. Be willing to learn . The more you know, the more successful you'll be as a chef,Keep your head down, ears open, and do not lose focus of the fact that you're working to learn a craft that takes a lifetime to master.


William Grint

A great team comes from a strong leader. One with clear direction looking for a team of chefs that compliment each other and bounce of each other. You spend more time with the chefs in the kitchen than you do your family at home so a bond form the outset is paramount.


Keiko Yamamoto

When I started out as a chef, I was always observing experienced chefs works how they do differently than mine, and I was always taking notes, and writing down the recipes. I still keep Those note books.

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