Videographers and writers - the dream team?!

Feb 7, 2020 5:15:04 PM / by Vivek

Carbon Free Dining - Videographers And Writers The Dream Team

A picture tells a thousand words, so just imagine how much information can be sent in a running video.

Carbon Free Dining - Videographers And Writers The Dream Team In old money, the number of frames per second was standardised at 24, i.e. 24 pictures per second. In digital terms, this can be 50 or 60 (aka Hertz Hz). Imagine now that you could have 60 images per second or 60 times 1000 or 60,000 words per second! That's absolutely mind-blowing and really opens up so much more in terms of information dissemination. In other words, it's like saying a photo in an article is a snapshot in time. In contrast, a video is having lots of pictures in sequence and altogether one after the other, with no time lag and it can be as long as you wish and therefore much more information can be portrayed.

There is also the added advantage of having sound. This can be a voice and/or music so it can be very powerful and useful for getting information across and setting the scene. This brings in so many opportunities to make films, whether short, medium or long and advertisements, which would be something that the hospitality industry could utilise very well.

Carbon Free Dining - Videographers And Writers The Dream Team Writers can, therefore, play a big part in providing tailor-made, snappy punch lines and content. Restaurants should definitely consider having writers compose their content for still or motion material, whether it's for an advertisement, an editorial or to add scripts for cookery demos. Writers can also compose well-constructed, thought out and grammatically correct content, which takes the time and effort that restaurants may not have time for or have the skillsets for.

There is, therefore, a potentially big market for writers to provide content for videos providing there is a clear and precise brief from the establishment. The content can then be tweaked as necessary.

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Written by Vivek