Work For Culture - Not Merit in Hospitality

Sep 10, 2018 4:41:04 PM / by Ewen Thomas

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Your best development happens under an engaging leader and contributing to the team. Not by working for establishments with the most accolades. Choose your team carefully they will be your success.

There is a mindset that is installed in young professionals starting out in the industry that rising up the ladder of positions is the most important part of career development. That working in the best 5* star hotels or Michelin restaurants is the best way of developing your career. 
This is not the case. Just because an establishment is known for having the best reputation for guests does not mean it is the best at developing its employee’s career paths.


The Right Commitment To You. 

The key to developing your career is to find the best culture to fit your needs. This involves looking past the reputation of an employer and looking at the commitment they make to you. Yes it is nice to say you work in the best establishment but the importance is they are taking an invested interest in developing you.

The Industry is changing and industry leaders now see that employees do not just need a bonus for hitting KPI’s they understand that professional development only happens when personal development and work-life balance is at equal balance within their company culture.


The Right Leader 

This moves to finding the right leader to find your growth on. I have seen too many experienced managers berate and belittle young members of staff for not being able to do what they may think is a simple job. Opening a bottle of wine and pouring it might be simple to them but it may be a first-time task and one of the biggest challenges to a young professional starting out.

A good leader would take the time, support and feedback to the young professional to achieve the takes no matter how big or small. A good leader understands that a positive and contributing culture where knowledge is passed on not held back, where the team is encouraged to feedback and bring new ideas to the table is the best way to succeed and develop a team. 

The Right Commitment From You. 

As the saying goes “there is no I in team” it is imperative to contribute to the team to input and think of yourself as contributing to the unit’s success. Do not just think about your own development, if you acquire a new skill share it with the team, share your ideas to help improve the team, care for your team’s well-being and build lasting relationships with these members. 

They will be the ones who speak about your hard work and vision and will share your reputation with others. By committing this mindset of developing and contributing culture will see you on the path to great leadership


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Ewen Thomas

Written by Ewen Thomas