How to avoid bad restaurant reviews

Jan 15, 2019 10:57:47 PM / by Greg James Weiss

Carbon Free Dining - How To Avoid Bad Restaurant Reviews

How do you tackle bad reviews? That’s a tricky one because you can’t possibly please everyone and people love writing bad reviews.


Carbon Free Dining - How To Avoid Bad Restaurant ReviewsI would stick to putting out great products with top-notch service. Listen to peoples needs, make sure your customers leave happy and come back happy - it's better to fix any problem you can while they are still in your establishment.

As an owner always be personable and friendly, but not too friendly - it's best not to talk to customers for more than a minute or two. No ones likes to eat cold food just because they are too polite to tell the overly friendly restaurant manager to go away so they can enjoy their dinner, or even worse, the date that they are on.

Let people know you and remember them and if you can, and always take special care of everyone who comes through your door

By following my advice, your TripAdvisor status should be good to go!

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Greg James Weiss

Written by Greg James Weiss