4 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Market Your Restaurant

Jul 24, 2018 2:29:16 PM / by Bradley Hennessy

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways You Can Use Facebook To Market Your Restaurant

With over two billion users, Facebook remains the most significant social media platform for business marketing. If your restaurant business is not on Facebook yet, it's about time you take the plunge. If you are using Facebook as a promotion tool, are you sure that you are using it to advertise your restaurant in the best way? Let's take a look at 5 ways that you use Facebook to market your restaurant.


1. Facebook Fan Of The Week

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways You Can Use Facebook To Market Your Restaurant - Facebook - Fan Of The Week This is an awesome way of creating engagement on your Facebook page. Select one fan every week and display them on your Facebook page (with permission), reward the fan with a treat at your restaurant by giving him or her lunch or dinner for two.

You can also invite fans to cook with your top chef, a unique experience for sure. During lunch or the cooking session, take pictures of the fan and post them on your Facebook page. When you do this, everyone will want to be selected as the fan of the week, increasing your social engagement.


2. Facebook Live

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways You Can Use Facebook To Market Your Restaurant - Facebook LiveFacebook live is a relatively recent addition to the platform, the feature allows users to stream live video on their Facebook wall. There are many ways that you can use Facebook Live to the advantage of your restaurant business.

You can stream cooking demonstrations, live events, tours of the dining area, and even chit-chat with the staff. How about your chef making one of his best dishes? You can even live stream your bartender demonstrating how to blend a perfect cocktail. Sharing events such as New Year’s Eve party or your St. Patrick’s Day festivities live on Facebook could be fantastic content for your followers!

3. Offer Something Valuable For Free

Carbon Free Dining - 4 Ways You Can Use Facebook To Market Your Restaurant - Offer Something Valuable For FreeSocial media users are on the hunt for useful posts, and in a very congested online world, it's vital you stand out. Your diners love good food, so a cooking tip or free recipe is sure to be a hit with your social media followers.

Of course you don't want to be giving away one of your signature dishes, however, a dish that can be made at home I'm sure will be appreciated. Educational content brings value to your brand, diners appreciate content which didn't cost them anything, simply helping them with a recipe will increase your engagement. Make this a regular offering by posting it periodically, such as once every fortnight and you will see results very quickly!

4. Use The Facebook Image Editor

Carbon Free DIning - 4 Ways You Can Use Facebook To Market Your Restaurant - Use The Facebook Image EditorAnother recently introduced feature by Facebook is their photo editor. Users can now upload photographs from their devices and edit them on the platform before posting to profile. You can crop, add stickers, doodles, filters, and text.

Now, you can make your memes, add comments to your food photos, and add funny stickers to pictures of staff. Sharing entertaining and exciting images is an excellent way of keeping your audience engaged. Adding some flair with a strategically placed emoji or even just adjusting the contrast will keep the eyes of your diners entertained.


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