Joining the recruitment industry [5 quick tips]

Apr 30, 2019 10:11:18 PM / by Dominic Stormont

Carbon Free Dining - Joining The Recruitment Industry 5 Quick Tips

Recruitment is tough, it is not viewed as a particularly noble position & recruiting is seen as an easy job that anyone can do and the starting pay is pretty low. So why would you go into recruitment?

Because if you know what you are doing, you can make good money and enjoy doing it. This is my advice for anyone starting out in recruitment:

1. Join a small company

Carbon Free Dining - Joining The Recruitment Industry 5 Quick TipsJoin a smaller recruiting company that specialises in an area that interests you (I was a chef for ten years and am passionate about food, so chef recruitment was an easy choice for me) - don't go to a generalist recruitment company.


2. Keep up-to-date
Keep up to date with industry-specific technology; it makes life so much easier.


3. Care for your clients
Ensure you care about who you are finding a job for, don't waste anyone's time with unsuitable jobs.


4. Face-to-face
Try to meet people face to face as much as possible it sets you apart.


5. Persistence
As with most jobs, the key ingredient to success is persistence.

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Dominic Stormont

Written by Dominic Stormont