Marketing in the age of social media

Feb 11, 2019 8:25:33 PM / by Beth King

Carbon Free Dining - Marketing In The Age Of Social Media


It's 2019, and things have changed. Technology has become more accessible and more used than ever. Anyone and everything has an online presence. 


Social media is an experience - it allows the public to feel like they are a part of something, even if they're at home. It allows potential customers a sneak peek into your business and what they should expect if they are to come in. It's become a part of a routine to Snapchat a delicious snack or Instagram a quirky cocktail. So much so, that even without a social media account, posts can be made of or about you, without you even realising. The same can be said about your business. 


'Search' for your business.
Carbon Free Dining - Marketing In The Age Of Social MediaIt may sound a little odd, but looking into the online presence that your business already has will cut down a lot of work. It will also allow you to see your business in the eyes of the customers. You will be able to see how you can build or utilise an existing online presence.

Do you have a long name, does this mean anagrams are being used? What is your hashtag and how can you promote this? What are your most photographed dishes or drinks? Top tip - re-posting customers' content helps to send out feelings of loyalty and cuts down your time behind the camera.


Consolidate your branding.
Previously stated, social media is an experience - individuals are putting out what they want their audiences to see. This is the same for your business too. Your social media accounts should reflect the business, the brand and the ethos. Your customers are coming for an experience; social media guides them to what you want them to experience, from before they walk in the door.

Top tip - do you really care about real ale? Show your varieties, show changing a barrel and show specials. Is your business a restaurant? Show your staff and their customer service, show your food and show behind the scenes.


3-2-1 SHARE!
Carbon Free Dining - Marketing In The Age Of Social MediaDepending on whether you have photos at the ready, a post can take as little as 1 minute to share. With over 3 billion social media users, a post has the potential to reach an extremely large audience, meaning social media marketing is the quickest and most vast marketing platform available (when used correctly). Hashtags are there for a reason; they're your keywords - they're what you would search to find your post, so make it relevant.

Top Tip - advertisement and competitions work very well with re-posting and hashtagging. Your entrees push your business into their social media circles, which boosts views and awareness of the brand to potential new customers.

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Beth King

Written by Beth King