Marketing - the importance of creative writing

Mar 13, 2019 9:27:35 AM / by Silviya Dimitrova

Carbon Free Dining - Marketing The Importance Of Creative Writing

In recent times, video and live streaming have indeed become very popular and widely used tool in marketing.

Having said that and with risk to be branded an "old school", I confess that my marketing tools of choice are creative writing and real presence. Why?! 

Because there is no voice that's able to replace the feeling of a book, a notepad, a newspaper or a magazine in one's hand; nor a computer or phone screen that is able to replace the feeling of another being physically present. In addition to this, when we read an article, poem, scribe or a story, each of us interprets and imagines it in our own unique way.
Carbon Free Dining - Marketing The Importance Of Creative Writing
Plainly said, it is much like seeing through art. What I see and imagine, while looking at a particular art piece, whatever that might be, will always differ from that which another viewer will see and imagine while looking at that same thing. Many people still find a book way more mind pleasing, more descriptive and detailed than a film.

We are somewhat in peace when reading, for we are in our own company, that of the silence, that of the book, magazine, newspaper or even a phone or a computer screen. Still, the feeling of holding a book is like no other. Flicking through the pages and going back to a sentence you couldn't quite comprehend & picturing what is going on while reading the first time around.
Reading is being able to hear your own voice and picture your own reality - because that's the only present voice.

Carbon Free Dining - Marketing The Importance Of Creative WritingThus, this could be just me. Above all, we must not disregard, nor forget that each and every one of us is UNIQUE. How a creative writer will describe a meal or an experience will always be different from how a spokesperson will pass this same details via video or live session. The feeling is just different. We will either see the picture that someone else wants us to see or that which we want to see.

The choice will always be our own.


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Silviya Dimitrova

Written by Silviya Dimitrova