Reducing staff turnover - three steps to success

Mar 3, 2019 11:42:21 PM / by Nicolas Bergero

Carbon Free Dining - Reducing Staff Turnover Three Steps To Success


How to reduce staff turnover? Let's focus on “why” people take a job in hospitality.


90 % of the times someone decides to get a job in hospitality is for a temporary or part-time job till they finish the studies, or they get enough money for the Holidays or for the festival. Another 5 % is because they are tired looking for a job and they literary land in this field and the other 5 % are like us, who love hospitality. It happened more and more because our society follows the trends and it did become a trend to get a job in gastronomy, for a while, fulfil the necessities and “come back to what I really care of”. 


Carbon Free Dining - Reducing Staff Turnover Three Steps To SuccessThat's why I believe it's a matter of time that the trend will be for the lovers of this world to wake up and end with this phenomenon. Getting a job in hospitality, making a career of it and take it seriously like already a few do. But, in the meantime, we are in charge of start stopping that trend and changing the direction. That is why I strongly recommend trying these three steps that work incredibly well.


This is one of the most powerful tools, not just for managers but for everyone. Learn why your staff is working with you. What they like and what fulfils them. Is important to know also what really matters to them. If you don’t know your stuff, you’ll never understand or see what is happening or coming.


Goals set-up
First of all, set-up your big goals. Then after you define the steps, the tasks and the time, it’s going to take and the qualifications and skills those tasks require to put your staff in charge of parts of your plan. Engage them to be part if it and to achieve the goals. Challenges are always productive.

 Carbon Free Dining - Reducing Staff Turnover Three Steps To Success

No one likes to do something without being somehow rewarded. As they achieve their objectives, reward them in a way they appreciate it. This creates a co-working atmosphere and a group dynamic that helps in the development of the team.


Use these three steps together in that sequence. You won’t eliminate staff turnover, but I can assure you that you are going to put it in the minimum possible.

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Nicolas Bergero

Written by Nicolas Bergero