Should you risk changing up your menu?

Feb 13, 2019 7:17:55 PM / by Greg James Weiss


Carbon Free Dining - Should You Risk Changing Up Your Menu


There’s a fine line most restaurants walk - do I as a restauranteur change my menu seasonally, etc. or do I keep 95% of my offerings to gain momentum and keep people coming back because they just have to have my current food?


I find in my experience that having 10-15 solid entrees and appetisers keep most people returning for those specific items. Your clientele will make it “their own”. They’ll identify with that dish and they’ll tell their friends about that dish. “You have to go to so and so and have this and that”. If they’ve returned two years later and it’s “not on the menu anymore” you risk losing that customer. Granted some people like change, but most people don’t. 


Carbon Free Dining - Should You Risk Changing Up Your MenuLet other restaurants be the diversity in someone’s life. I say perfect your menu and then keep 95% of it (with obvious attention to seasonal ingredients). Dessert is always a good idea to switch up. But if you have the best calamari or Mac and cheese in town, don’t change. It will keep your clientele coming back for as long as you’re open and you'll gain more repeat diners this way. Your customers should rely on your expertise and consistency - they will appreciate this more than anything. If you want variety, open a whole other restaurant entirely.


And of course always, always offer the highest customer service and etiquette. Cheers! Happy Dining!

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Greg James Weiss

Written by Greg James Weiss