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Nov 20, 2018 5:13:32 PM / by Calanit Peretz

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Thought Leader - Take care of your staff

If you take care of your team they will take care of your business!!!

Your staff need development, they need engagement, they need to be listened to, they need to be motivated. We need to find the correct balance between mothering them and actually training and coaching them so they can learn and develop.

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Thought Leader - Take care of your staff -1If you mother them and do everything for them it's as bad as not developing and engaging them, so it is very important to be consistent and keep staff engaged at all times. Each member of staff is an individual, they think differently, learn differently, they all complete tasks differently and they will make mistakes, which is a good way to learn.

You will get so much more out of a member of staff that you treat well and correctly. Have regular team meetings, create a culture of open conversations and excellent communication. In turn, you will achieve a well-balanced team that is happy to come to work and show a lot of care to the business.

Be honest with your team members regarding there performance, do regular feedback sessions. Two-way feedback is essential, you should ask staff to give you feedback as well, self-reflection is important for us all, failure to do this may lead to issues further down the line.

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Thought Leader - Take care of your staff -2At the end of the day one person can't do it all, show your staff that you're part of the team and that you are not just sitting up in an office barking orders at them.

I have worked in hospitality for many years, and I have worked with many different managers. When I was a team member and a duty manager, I encountered managers that were not interested in developing anyone. However, I worked under a manager that took the time and developed, coached, trained the rest of his staff and me, guess what? Now I am a general manager in the hospitality industry.

A lot of managers are afraid to lose their best members of staff so they do not help them get ahead which is entirely wrong. For me, there is no greater feeling than seeing a member of staff that works for you get promoted and be successful. When that happens to me I feel an amazing sense of PRIDE!

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Calanit Peretz

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