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Oct 8, 2018 5:09:29 PM / by Gabriele Gori


Everyone should become more sustainable, not just restaurants. This has been a “hot topic” for a while, and I am glad the media in the UK are putting a little more weight on the issue at present.

From a few focus groups, we have run for different clients last year we have come across loads of 25 to 40 years old putting sustainability in one of the top three reasons to support a business on a regular basis. I personally believe this is a great incentive for restaurants, food retailers and suppliers to become more sustainable, however, this shouldn't be the only or main reason.

As John Mackey writes in Conscious Capitalism, a business should look after all of its 6 stakeholders: customers, staff, suppliers, investors, the local community and the environment. Only by serving and supporting all six of those a business can really thrive. The food we eat comes from the sea and the earth we live on, how can we expect just to take and not give back?

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Gabriele Gori

Written by Gabriele Gori