The key to staff retention is empathy

Oct 26, 2018 2:13:30 PM / by Connor Menerey

Carbon Free Dining - Hospitality Thought Leaders - The key to staff retention is empathy

When I was fresh in managing high-paced and high volume kitchens, I was under the impression that it was imperative that I was to be hot-headed, loud, and to rule my domain with an "iron fist".

It turns out the "norm" of high turnover in staffing is anything but normal.

Once my daughter was born, instinctively I began to have an understanding if the need of patience, not only at home, but also in the workplace.

We already spend enough time away from our families in this industry, so what gave me the right to contribute negatively to my team's working environment?

Listening, caring and empowering your team has a far higher success rate when you build them up, not knock them down. My staff retention rate increased greatly and as I invested in them they continued to do so with me.

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Connor Menerey

Written by Connor Menerey