Tips on Reducing Staff Turnover

Sep 27, 2018 11:14:54 AM / by Gabriele Gori


Staff turnover it is a headache indeed and the hospitality industry is definitely one of the worse affected by this problem.

There are many ways to prevent staff turnover being a real issue for your business, but we could group them all in two very different categories: on one side employers can work on engaging with their employees as much as possible, as well as keeping up with competition in terms of pay package and work-life balance; on the other side employers can work to lower the level of skills needed in their workplace, still maintaining a competitive remuneration and overall work conditions.

The latter might seem easier at first, but there is still a risk of incurring high recruitment costs, while the quality of your products and services could be in jeopardy. The first option is the one I would suggest, but it’s definitely the most difficult: how do you engage with your staff? How do you give them ownership for their work? How do you compete with the pay rates and benefit package of larger employers?

Define your identity and your purpose, then recruit by cultural fit and teach the necessary skills to your key people. Spend time with your team, make them feel valued. Ask for their opinion.

Difficult? Definitely.

Frustrating? At times.

Will you solve the problem? Not really, but it would definitely help.

Good luck.

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Gabriele Gori

Written by Gabriele Gori