Why sustainability is key to diners

Jan 3, 2019 2:57:11 PM / by Eric Weiss

Carbon Free Dining - Why Sustainability Is Key To Customers

Undeniably, today's diners are concerned with where their food and beverages come from and how it's produced.

Carbon Free Dining - Why Sustainability Is Key To CustomersProvenance becomes an increasingly important factor in the way guests respond to a restaurant's identity. In many cases, diners themselves know the answers because of the ability to access information quickly through modern technology. If they do not, they expect their servers, bartenders, managers, chefs and owners to have the answers.


Carbon Free Dining - Why Sustainability Is Key To CustomersKnowledge and awareness of sustainability have become a key factor in a restaurant's credibility. Every team member needs to know or be able to find out quickly to respond to guests' inquiries. Sourcing locally, seasonally and intelligently are essential to today's restaurant world.


The elimination of plastic is no longer a trend; it is a necessity in keeping our world "greener". Sharing leftovers with one's community is another way of zeroing in on sustainability. Naturally, a socially conscious diner is more likely to be drawn to an establishment that has a heightened awareness about being part of a bigger picture.


In our world where the primal need of nourishment, both physically and emotionally is paramount, sustainability needs to take a front row seat.


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